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With November 3 behind us, CAPTRUST’s chief investment officer outlines the issues that have been resolved over the last month and the questions that remain. From outstanding election results to COVID-19 cases and vaccines, he shares the key items that you should be paying attention to as we move into 2021.
While there is no doubt the rapidly changing economic environment is bringing all investors short-term storms to weather, CAPTRUST’s chief investment officer explains a normal state of economy is on the horizon. Listen in as he explains his perspective on what retirement plan participants can expect in terms of public health and economic forecasts for the next few months.
Figuring out how to replace income in retirement doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Find out how CAPTRUST can help you put together the small pieces that make up the bigger picture for your retirement income paycheck—like Social Security, employer retirement plans, annuities, and personal savings.
Listen in as CAPTRUST discusses preparing for retirement and making healthcare decisions.
Confused by what stocks are and they fit into your investment portfolio? You’re not alone!
Retirement plans offer a variety of choices to help employees get an appropriate mix of investments. Join CAPTRUST as our investment team explains different options for achieving an investment mix that works for you.
This webinar covers two related topics: educational savings and debt. Tune in to understand the advantages of using 529 plans, and other types of accounts, to save for your child’s education needs. For those dealing with student loan debt, we will discuss tips and available programs to help manage that debt and keep you saving for retirement and other financial goals.
CAPTRUST Senior Director of Retirement Services Phyllis Klein hits on the massive health and economic impact of COVID-19 and what retirement plan participants can expect from shifting financial and economic situations.
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