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In our short-form webinar series, ASK CAPTRUST, we tackle big topics in small amounts of time. This quarter, join the CAPTRUST team to learn about SECURE 2.0 retirement savings legislation and how it could affect you as a retirement plan participant.
Emergencies can be scary and stressful. But having a plan in place—with key contacts to rely on—can make a big difference. In this Lessons in Financial Experiences (LIFE) episode, you’ll learn how to choose the right person to be your emergency contact, what this person can and can’t do, and what information they will need.
Planning your estate, including having documents like trusts and wills, is an important part of protecting your loved ones. Listen to a panel of experts as they discuss the differences between trusts, wills, and other necessary documents.
In this edition of our quarterly Market Update video, Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang discusses three long-term trends that are already shaping investment strategies today: demographics, deglobalization, and digital transformation. Watch to learn how these trends are impacting the markets and economy today, and what CAPTRUST is watching as we look into the future.
If you're like many Americans, you may not be saving enough for retirement. In fact, nearly half of all U.S. households have no retirement savings at all. But it's never too late to save, and every little bit makes a difference. This short video explains some of the simple ways you can get started.
This webinar recording discusses the non-financial aspects of making the transition into retirement, such as the emotional connection to work. During this recording, we focus on these non-financial indicators of retirement satisfaction to help you find purpose and fulfillment later in life.
Deciding when to start taking Social Security payments is an important part of your retirement strategy. You can retire and start receiving your Social Security benefits as early as age 62 or as late at age 70, but each different age has different implications. This Lessons in Financial Experiences (LIFE) video can help you make more informed decisions that account for your unique financial situation and needs.
Do you know what is coming out of your paycheck, and why? In this webinar recording we discuss the typical paycheck deductions, where your earnings are going, and how much control you have over them.
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