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Midway through 2022, investors and consumers are frustrated with rising inflation. After three remarkable years of outsized returns for investors, 2022 has also been remarkable, but for all the wrong reasons. Join us for our latest market update and see why CAPTRUST is finding comfort amid this negativity.
In this video, we review the different stock exchanges, the various market indexes, and other common buzzwords you hear in the financial media.
When it comes to investing for retirement, taking advantage of your employer-sponsored retirement plan is a great first step. But do you know where to invest additional cash that did not originate from your employer, like a cash bonus, an inheritance, or a lump sum from a life insurance policy? In this webinar recording, we discuss some investing options outside of your retirement plan, including the pros and cons for each.
An important part of your investment portfolio is ensuring that you have the right kinds of assets (stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) in the right proportions. In this Lessons in Financial Experiences (LIFE) episode, we dive into the basics of asset allocation and how it can impact your ability for long-term financial success.
The first three months of 2022 have been a roller coaster for markets. With the war in Ukraine and the financial war on inflation, investors have had to monitor unpredictable headlines seemingly by the hour. But even in this event-driven market, there are still positives to look forward to in the year ahead.
This video discusses the benefits and advantages of starting to save now and how it may impact your retirement. We’ll also share some practical and easy steps to take to jump-start your savings.
Many people have multiple savings goals that are of equal importance, from establishing an emergency fund to saving for retirement or a child’s education. So, how do you determine which to save for first? If this question has been on your mind, watch our webinar recording on prioritizing savings goals.
Did you know that increasing your deferral rate in your retirement plan as little as 1% each year can significantly help your money accumulate over time? In this Lessons in Financial Experiences (LIFE) episode, we discuss the 1% challenge and the positive impact of putting an additional percent of your salary away each year toward your retirement.
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