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Saving and investing for several financial goals at once can be a difficult juggling act.
Figuring out the best investment strategy for your retirement savings can be challenging.
Parents with growing children often walk a financial tightrope.
A corporate executive for a large, publicly held company had a sizeable life insurance policy.
The premise behind compounding is fairly simple.
You want to retire comfortably when the time comes. You also want to help your child go to college. So how do you juggle the two? The truth is, saving for your retirement and your child’s education at the same time can be a challenge. But take heart—you may be able to reach both goals if you make some smart choices now.
Making smart money decisions before and during retirement can help protect your nest egg for years to come.
Accumulating a substantial nest egg for your retirement years may seem overwhelming, but there are smart ways to plan for retirement at every age, says Eric Freedman, chief investment officer for CAPTRUST.
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