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Hear CAPTRUST’s Debra Gates talk about how to get started with a systematic approach for building retirement savings and optimizing your employer benefits. This video outlines the steps employees can take to make the appropriate adjustments to their finances, secure their retirement plans, and establish financial independence.
In this market update, CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry discusses recent news surrounding U.S. unemployment, tariffs, international trade disputes, and other forces impacting the economy this past quarter.
No matter where you are in your life, CAPTRUST is here to help you build a diversified investment portfolio with long-term perspective and a focus on your individual risk tolerance. Whether conservative, moderate, or aggressive, our advisors will provide personalized investment advice focused on your financial goals and your appropriate amount of risk.
CAPTRUST's investment team discuss tips for approaching decisions regarding the various types of savings methods available, such as Roth versus traditional retirement savings, and how to decide which is right for you.We also explore how to approach investing for different goals, such as emergency savings, home buying, and retirement. 
CAPTRUST’s Kathleen Whitmore addresses how investors can plan for retirement using resources available to them today such as personal savings, employer-based investment accounts, and social security. And how they all work together to help future retirees be more in control of their future.
CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry discusses recent market-related news surrounding the impact of tariffs, unemployment, and large-cap stocks on the markets.
CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry shares his thoughts and outlook on the markets, the U.S. economy, and the potential implications of legislative changes.
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