Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

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Gaining a firm understanding of where you stand today is a great place to start when developing or assessing your long-term savings and investment strategy. At CAPTRUST, our goal is to help you achieve an outcome that meets your individual income needs in retirement. If you haven’t already, you might want to set aside some time to reflect on how you would like to spend your time in retirement. This will help you set appropriate goals and guide you when making future decisions.  

Each of the calculators below is designed to measure a different aspect of your potential future sources of retirement income. Simply enter your information to estimate how you’re progressing toward your goal. Maybe you are on track to reach your savings goals, or perhaps you need to save more to get back on track. Either way, it’s really important that you know.

You might be surprised to see how much even a small increase in your annual savings rate can help, and figuring out how long you should plan to work and what your retirement income might look like will help make sure your expectations for retirement are reasonable. Our hope is that the answers to these questions will help you understand what you can do, and either provide you with confidence that you are making good financial decisions, or inform you of any adjustments that may need to be made to ultimately help you reach your retirement savings goals.

Total Retirement Calculator

For most retirees, a comfortable retirement income will be funded by a combination of their retirement plan savings, Social Security benefits, other personal savings or investments, and earnings from part time work. Enter your details to calculate how much income this combination of assets may provide you during retirement. Click to Calculate

Retirement Savings Plan Calculator

Your retirement plan at work is easy-to-use and offers many benefits, including tax-deferred growth and portability. In many cases, these plans also offer a matching contribution to supplement the money you put aside. Enter your details to calculate the estimated amount of income your retirement savings plan account may provide you during retirement. Click to Calculate

Social Security Benefits Calculator

Although every amount will help, Social Security benefits alone are not likely to provide you with an adequate level of income in retirement. According to the Social Security Administration, Social Security benefits provide about 38% of retirees’ income.[1] Enter your details to estimate the benefit you may receive from Social Security when you retire. Click to Calculate

Tip: It will help to have your paycheck stub, a recent copy of your retirement savings plan statement, and any other documents that include details about additional assets you may own on hand for reference when using these tools.

[1] Social Security Administration. Dated April 14, 2014. Accessed June 2, 2014.

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