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CAPTRUST has been helping employees successfully utilize their employer-sponsored retirement plan benefits for over twenty years. We are an independent investment research and advisory firm that provides retirement plan and investment advisory services to corporations, academic institutions, not-for-profits and their employees.

Our team of experienced financial advisors are here to provide advice and answer your questions about how your retirement account works, how much you need to save, how to invest your money, and how to access your retirement savings. CAPTRUST participant advice team members are available one-on-one in person, on the phone, and via the web. We also conduct on-site group meetings and live web events. Our goal is to help make sure you are comfortable participating in your retirement plan, and that you feel confident about where you are on your path toward retiring.

Recent research shows that when employees receive advice about how best to use their retirement plan, they earn higher rates of return on their savings and are more likely to invest in portfolios that are most appropriate for them.1 This tells us that having access to quality retirement advice can be very beneficial in the long run, and we encourage you to reach out to us so that you can take advantage of the valuable opportunity your employer has provided for you. If you would like to schedule a personalized advice appointment with one of our retirement planning experts, please click here.

If you are a plan sponsor and would like to learn more about our services, we’d love to hear from you, discuss your needs, and share more about how we can help. If you’d like to learn more about our company online, please click the link below to visit our corporate website.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients, colleagues, and communities through sound financial advice, integrity, and a commitment to service beyond expectation.


1 Sources: DALBAR, Inc., “Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior” (2014) and Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines, “Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 Through 2012” (2014).

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